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If Cats Could Talk - Thanksgiving Day

"Is everybody ready?" asked an anxious Cruiser to the group of
cats. "Okay, I'll get their attention and then all of you come
in. Got it?"

Just as the carved turkey was placed on the table with family members
gathered around, Cruiser gave a loud, "AHEM! Can I please have your
attention! HEY! Everybody! Can you please quiet down for just a
moment?" There were a few lingering words from some of the grandkids
but the adults soon shushed them because of the odd request from a cat
to quiet down. "Thank you. We appreciate that. Before you begin
eating, we'd like to say something, if you don't mind, and
we'd like the oldest member of our cat family to begin with a few

The other four cats paraded in behind Cruiser and then Barney stepped
forward. There was near silence now as all the humans beheld this
unusual spectacle of the five cats demanding attention, particularly
just before eating dinner. Barney paused, looked around at the many
humans gathered and then put his paw up in the air to signal for total

"Thank you for your attention," he began. "I'm not used
to public speaking and I'm a little nervous but, can you all hear
me?" Several nodded their assents and a few murmured yes. When quiet
descended once more, Barney continued. "We, the five cats in this
family have often enjoyed participating in an evening meal as you
offered us a scrap of food from your plates. We hope you'll offer us
some of that turkey and delicious smelling ham that rests so
delightfully upon the table."

"Is that what this is all about?" whispered one of the
grandkids. "The cats want some turkey and ham?"

Cruiser looked cross at the whispering child and said, "SHUSH! Let
Barney speak. He has a lot more to say."

"Thanks, Cruiser," said Barney who looked around as though
trying to think of words that may have been memorized and momentarily
interrupted. "But we are not gathered here to beg for food. We are
here to join you in this happy Thanksgiving holiday and tell you that we
are thankful for all the wonderful things you have given us throughout
the year. Dolly, ladies go first. Would you like to speak?"

Dolly stepped forward, eyed the turkey freshly sliced on the table, and
then said, "We are thankful for the delicious breakfasts we receive
every morning from our beloved Breakfast Lady." She stepped back
after that short speech and sat down.

Willie lumbered forward and in a soft voice he said, "We are
thankful for the attention you have given to our health when we were
given medicine and shots to make us feel good. We didn't like those
awful needles," he admitted with a sly grin, "but we know you
did it for our own good."

Casey jumped up and said, "Yeah, and we are thankful for all the
toys like those little gray mice, and the balls, and the string, and all
those things we play with. Thanks." And for the first time in his
life, Casey looked shy and nervous as he finished his part.

Cruiser forced himself into the center of the room and said, "We are
thankful for the wonderful home you have provided or us. For the chairs,
and beds and couches that we can sleep on. And for the clean
litterboxes. It means a lot to us."

Barney silenced the murmurs that went through the gathered guests by
raising his paw once again. "Most of all, we are thankful to Susu
and the Candy Man for the love they have given each and every one of us.
You may never know what that love means to a cat, but let me tell you
that you are the most important thing in our life. Without you, and your
love, our lives are meaningless."

Barney paused to gather his thoughts and then concluded, "So on this
beautiful Thanksgiving Day we want you to know how thankful and blessed
we are to live here with you. May we all enjoy many more Thanksgiving
Holidays together. Thank you"

The cats filed back into the bedroom where they gathered around Barney
to congratulate him on delivering his little speech.

The humans were stunned by the speeches from each of the cats and
finally Susu said for all to hear, "Let us all take to heart what
the cats have said and be truly thankful for all that we have received
throughout the year. And as Barney said, let us be thankful for all the
love that we have received."

A chorus of "Amens" greeted that and in a moment everybody was
seated and the Thanksgiving meal began. "Rusty," Susu said in a
whisper, "I'll put a nice plate of turkey and ham aside for the
cats. I think they ought to share some of this good food."

May you all enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving Day.


Author Rusty Peacock